Saturday, 19 April 2014

An Easter Tenor!

An Easter Tenor!

See the Son divine hang on the Cross
See him under the harrowing pressure
See him bearing all of our sin’s dross
See him mocked and scorned in torture
See him suffering to pay the dear price
See him sacrifice his all the lost to recapture
See him hinge the prodigals for the paradise
See the divine Love offer life for redemption

Hear his finale words; “Father forgive them …”
Hear the silence while his eyes close in death
Hear the silence as his followers scatter
Hear the silence as many think it’s all over
Hear the silence as many wait in tense angst
Hear the silence while the tomb holds the hope

See the glory of the heavenly splendour awake
See the Son divine raised from death
See him the glorious over hell’s pressure
See him living beyond the grave’s sheath
See him among men the true infinite treasure
See him promise the return to the flock
See him soar to heaven in celestial grandeur
See the divine Love establish a new creation

© Newton G Kibiringi 2014

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