Friday, 1 November 2013

The Faith Tree!

The Faith Tree!

I shut my eyes in sleep with countless plans for tomorrow
I tour the dreamland in the hope that when the dawn comes
I will be up to earnestly give the dreams a thorough chase
I awake in the morning with a grateful heart believing the day
Will be a fruitful one even as I swallow a glassful of hope
A plateful of desire and open my arms widely to gratefully receive
The precious gift of a brand new day unlike any other in the past
I open my mouth to speak and believe someone is listening

I spread my legs to walk believing they will support all my weight
I place my pen on the paper to jot down some thoughts
From deep within the soul believing they are sensible n’ impacting
I head for the outside believing some time later I will get back alive
I watch the mother goose in her nest at the lido as she sleeps
On her eggs for days with the hope that they will hatch in the end
And she will be glad to have her amazing image live on beyond her
Countable days and seasons of the precious chance of her lifetime

I watch the farmer cover her dried corn seeds with the
Dry earth while she sings prayerfully believing that sometime soon
The rains will fall and after a while the nature will obey its Master
And her seeds will winsomely germinate and bloom into new life
Giving her enough bread for her family and her neighbors
I see the wild trees budding to wisely hide their future within their
Seeds in the faith that nature will be a good steward to them
To grant them another to live again in the next generation

I see the newly married couple cover themselves naked inside the
Warm bed sheets to make love in the hope to bring forth a new life
Into this world and faithfully sow their beautiful image into posterity
They believe the virgin womb will be an exceptional host for the new life
I hear the little kid graciously whisper “goodnight papa n’ mama”
As the parents happily give her a cuddle before bedtime the little kid
Responds with half a smile waiting to complete the smile in the morning
Then she goes to bed with countless plans for tomorrow

I watch the sick man turn round to face the wall to receive a painful
Injections from the nurse hoping the medicine will cure his painful illness
I see the loving mother humbly go to her knees in believe to pray for
Her bedridden son to seek the healing from her Master’s arm
Everywhere I look, everywhere my ear I turn to hear and unto the
Movement of my entirety I see faith that fate would be too weak to contain
The beautiful nature propels herself in the wheels of faith in its past the present
And in its hope for the future, faith gives her life and life swings on this faith 

N J G K 2013.

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