Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Hope Unending!

The Hope Unending!

Times life seems to be surrounded by
The horrid feeling of confusion
The empty feeling of despair
The tearful feeling of regret
The dark feeling of helplessness

Yet deeply entwined within life too is
The unbreakable brilliant glow of hope
The unending string of assurance
The inextinguishable lining on faith
On this hope unending my life daily soars

Times life seems to be filled with
The hurting sorrow of betrayal
The daunting feeling of being lonely
The deep pain of loss
The anxious feeling of uncertainty

Yet within life’s package too is
The consistent voice sparks to hold on
The insistent steady ignition to soldier on
The tenacious stable pushes within to carry on
 On this hope unending my life daily soars

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