Monday, 25 November 2013

The Purple Heron's sorrow!

Premise: It so easy to ignore or forget what people go through during wars especially if we continue to enjoy peace where we are. This is a bird's perspective of the war in Syria.

The Purple Heron's sorrow!

On top of the wobbly tree she sits awestruck while
Watching the decaying remains of the dead humans
Spread across the pavements of the abandoned village
The awful silence is so harrowing and the pungent
Smell of death is way so horrifying

The deep hollow feeling within her heart has
Taken all her energy away leaving her with such deep
Emptiness as she mourns the death of liveliness
That had always been the beauty of her Surriya country
She can hardly fly with such a hurting heart

She knows not where her mates are and she
Is yet to recover from the pain of losing all her nestlings
After the tree she knew as the only home was burnt up
She so dearly misses the late old couple that fed her daily
 And their grandchildren who always chased her around

So much she feels is going on in her tiny head
As she contemplates so hard n’ so deep about
The loathsome pains caused by the evil war
Upon her once beautiful n’ peaceful country
The fiendish war has left her lifeless n’ friendless

She hardly can wander yet she is in so much wonder
Of whether in one dawn of life the human beings
Will be filled with humanity and kindness
To revere the Creator of life and to respect
The dignity and sacred nature of all life

Deep within her tiny ears she still hears the screams
Across her thoughts continually flashes the images
Of helpless children and old earthlings mourn
In deep devastation of losing their close ones
To the horrid bloodshed in front of their tearful eyes

The noise of the heavy bombardment and shootings
That left her little village turned upside down still
Haunts her to date even in the dead silence
In the middle of the most uncivilized skirmishes
Of human unkindness against same mankind

Purple heron is indeed in trepidation to be damp squib
By the humans pretext and masquerade about wars
Wonders who made and supplied the bombs n’ weapons
She wonders who trained the men to use them n’ when
Her feeble legs freeze in abhorrent fear of the hand behind war

She is not sure if anyone among humanity cares
She prays that the truth will come and slay all the evil
She deeply longs for the day her lovely country of Syria
Will get back her piece of lasting peace
When the river of justice will flood the whole world

© Newton Kibiringi 2013

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