Saturday, 22 February 2014

One Day at A time!

Fully live
The fissure of all life
In virtuous pursuit
Before you leave

Softly paddle
The river of the soul
In divine wisdom
Even when you grieve

Calmly rub
The fur of the heart
In compassion n' love
For all with whom you live

Carefully swing
The gong of the mind
In true understanding
For this life to heave

Bravely walk
The entirety of life
In faith and faithfulness
To that in which you believe

Devotedly treasure
Every second of life
In grateful serenity
To steward nature’s hive

Eternally dwell
The ultimate of hope
In the King eternal
On whom all lives cleave

Joyfully turn
The wheels of daily life
In the aegis of the Author
To whom all swings naive

Constantly aver
The ardor of fervent desire
With consistency others to inspire
Fore exit to oblivion our fave to give

Fully live
The fissure of all life
In virtuous pursuit
Before you leave

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