Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Pristine Parturition!

Premise: What a humbling thought to think of the power and might of the Maker. To ponder about the creativity and the wisdom within his mysterious being. Glory to the King of kings and the Ancient of Days.

 Formlessness and emptiness
Nothingness and darkness
Covering all the width and depth
The grand reign of void
The primeval quietness
Prior to all the autochthonous
All in the eminence of Ancient of Days

From the Creator’s mouth
There springs the infant life
From the might of the Author
Springs the primary light
From the arms of the Almighty
Ticks the beginning of time
By the power of the King Immortal

From the wisdom of the Designer
Space is formed and furnished
In the council of celestial knowledge
Nature’s gates of creation swing open
The heavens and the earth
All blooming in perfect grandeur
Bowing in worship to the Ancient of days

N J G 2014

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