Monday, 17 February 2014

Pure Love!

While the precious Son hang
On the cross of crucifixion
He wrote his divine love letter
With His precious blood in affliction
Becoming the perfect sacrifice
To usher in the merciful justification
The prodigal world in divine kindness
Offered by grace the eternal ambition
For all of creation’s redemption

The innocent heavenly gift
Broken and wounded for our salvation
Taking away all shame and guilt
By all sons and daughters of creation
Them of all ages and all nations
To gracefully and mercifully
Stand ever welcome for restoration
To joyously enter the open gates
For all of creation’s redemption

The red blood in glorious kindness
Paints the eternal hope in the Lord
The red blood in perfect justice
Glows in the splendor of true love
The red blood exudes in might
The glare of divine truth and holiness
All flowing from the Father’s only son
Offered on the cross in pure Love
 For all of creation's redemption

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